Kuntz Nokota® Horse Ranch


Because the total fully foundation Nokota® population is so small, every fully foundation female really should have at least a few offspring over her lifetime. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited soley from the mother, and thus at least one female offspring should carry on the heritage of every mare, and likewise the more stallions that are given a chance to procreate the more diversity we will sustain. That said, breeding, raising, and training horses are all very serious endeavors...

Nokota® horses are very sociable but nonetheless large "prey" animals which must retain a degree of respect for humans and our space... lifeguards are well trained in how quickly those they are trying to rescue can drown both themselves and the rescuer in a panic. That said, horses can also rescue us And we are eager and happy to help anyone realize their dream of owning a horse, just so long as that dream is grounded in reality.

Even in the goal to use as many stallions as possible, there are always excess fully foundation males who's sisters are tasked instead with continuing their lines, so these can be gelded, and likewise there are National Park Cross (NPC) Nokotas®, typically with a very high percentage of foundation breeding, which can happily go to homes without the expectation of producing any offspring.

So we are confident that their is a Nokota® who can make anyone ready for a horse happy, and are very happy to discuss the possibilities with you in the interest of making the best possible match.