Kuntz Nokota® Horse Ranch


ND: Hello Mr.Kuntz, who are you?
LLK: Lost soul

ND: What is your passion, and what does that passion consist of?
LLK: My passion is the Nokotas, they have been my passion, you know I am a man of very few words. Breeding a more solid foundation type horse who, in a sense of the word, breeding a horse of good solid conformation so that they last a lifetime for their owners.

ND: How did you come to perform this work/responsibility, and since when?
LLK: It goes back to my racing days when I was riding competition and stuff like that. I needed a better horse and I seen them (the still wild Nokotas) over there in the badlands when I used to go out there by myself, what do you say, to get back to the real world. I used to go out there and just follow the horses around to find myself in my college days. And you know, when I was shoeing and stuff I was seeing that we needed better horses to keep up. I just could see that the horses I was shoeing weren’t built the way that they should be.

ND: What is different today than when you started?
LLK: When I started the horses were totally unknown and now they have broadened out to Europe and other people are discovering what a different type of disposition they have. And they are beginning to be accepted in the horse world as a good all around horse.

ND: Is your motivation different than when you began? Why?
LLK: No, my motivation and everything is still the same, it hasn’t changed… so in a way I am trying to build a memorial in live horses.

ND: If you could start again, what would you change and why?
LLK: Hahaha, that’s a good one. The easiest answer to that would be I wouldn’t do it again, that would be the easiest answer to that one. Huh, I don’t know what I would change, I guess, sure was a tough row to how… what the hell would a guy change, I guess the only thing I would change is I would want to change (the public’s) perspective of the horses immediately instead of taking 30 years to do it.

ND: What is your goal today? Have you realized it? If not, what is standing in your way?
LLK: Well, I kinda explained my goal already, trying to promote the type of horse and save them as a strain. No, I don’t believe so, I believe I am a long ways from it. Huh… what is standing in my way, I don’t know… prejudice in some aspects, people not knowing about them, the somewhat prejudice against feral horses. Unlike most feral horses this herd has been bred for use by the ranchers. Croppy is a great example of that.

ND: Thank you very much for the time you took to answer. Wish you all the best.

LLK: Thank you


image "Leo Kuntz, Vietnam vet turned horse rancher, feels the quiet storm of change rolling in low across the prairies. It impacts his life, his loves and his fight to save the equine legacy of Sitting Bull.He may be the last of his kind.This may be the last American Western.NokotaHeart is his history."

NokotaHeart won Special Jury Award for Best Cinematography at the Arizona International Film Festival and was nominated Best Documentary at the London Portobello Film Festival 2011.

You certainly want to see the trailer now and then watch the movie !

Deep Thanks to Sean Garland, Lawrence Fee and Patrick O'Hearn without whom this film would not have existed.